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Chicago Proms & Homecoming


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Two of the biggest high school experiences are prom and homecoming dances, and we are experts at providing transportation for both! Parents, we understand you want your kids to have a good time and be safe and that's exactly where Chicago's Limousines comes in!

At Chicago's Limousines our prom and homecoming services are the best around. To start our services are affordable and reliable. Our chauffeurs are each specially trained and have each passed background checks on both their driving records and criminal history. You're kids are in the best hands with us. We also only follow the itinerary set by the parents. As the contract holder, you will tell us the plan for the evening so you can rest assured that you'll know exactly where your child is and feel good knowing they can't sneak off elsewhere.

Our limousines are so luxurious you're child is sure to have an amazing and memorable experience. From the colorful lights and TVs to the comfotable seating and amazing sound system, our limousines are the perfect touch to help make your child's prom or homecoming perfect whether it's their freshman homecoming or senior prom!