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If you are from the Chicago Metropolitan Area, you likely know someone who has rented one of our limousines, party buses or shuttle cars. We are quite satisfied with the amount of repeat business that comes from the community's word-of-mouth promotion and due to what we consider the 'gift of referral', we've been able to build our fleet up and simultaneously keep our prices low. Here at Chicago's Limousines, we pride ourselves on having what we call 'the perfect combination of positive factors' to offer to our prospective clients.

As we stated, our rates are very competitive and our fleet is extensive and based upon what our customers want. Additionally, everyone on our staff - from office help to drivers - is in-the-know regarding all that is Chicago and the surrounding areas. After all, we are all locals and we are in the business of getting you places so, we make sure that our entire team knows all of those destinations.

On top of our employees being experts on the area and the industry, they were initially hired due to their abilities in the area of customer service. You will always deal with someone friendly when you communicate with Chicago's Limousine service and we are here around-the-clock to answer any questions that you may have. We believe that it isn't all about how many cars a company has or how cheaply they can provide a service, it's all about the experience.

We've found that both our clients who are our neighbors and also those who are from out-of-town see it as a pleasant experience, dealing with our company. If, at any time, you experience anything different, we hope that you notify us so that we can make the necessary changes. After all, we're a company that was founded - and operates - by very clearly defined rules and values.