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Chicago's Limousines Frequently Asked Questions


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What do I need to reserve a limousine or party bus?

All that require in order to hold the vehicle of your choice is $200 down by credit or debit card. We try and make the reservation part of your rental extra simple!

Is everything included in my price-quote?

We do our best to give you "out the door" pricing. So, your sales tax, unlimited stops and mileage and also a minimum tip to the driver is factored in to the total number that you are quoted. Now, if you feel that your driver did a great job, we do encourage you to tip him/her accordingly.

Can I smoke on the limousines and/or party buses?

To keep our fleet like new for you and everyone else, we don't allow for smoking on the vehicles. From our experience, we've seen that the "unlimited stops and mileage" truly come into effect here. You can stop as often as you like for cigarette breaks - or whatever other reason - and you won't be charged. Also, our drivers expect to stop often for you.

What if I'm not going to (or coming from) the city of Chicago?

We don't service just the city of Chicago. In fact, we go far beyond the city's borders. Just have a look at our Service Area Map to see just some of the places that we go. Our staff and drivers do have extensive knowledge on the city of Chicago but we don't service that area, exclusively.

Can we bring our drinks onto the buses and limos?

YES! Since we are a fully-licensed transportation company, you are allowed to bring your drinks onto the limousines and buses. As long as everyone is legal drinking age, this is not at all a problem