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Chicago Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties


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Bachelor and Bachelorette parties in Chicago are guaranteed to be a great time - how could they not in a city like Chicago? Chicago is full of amazing clubs, bars, restaurants, museums, and more! There's something to do in this beautiful city for everyone. But there's a lot to take into consideration when you're planning the party.

There's so many possibilities and options when planning parties. Will your bachelor party be a wild night out of bar hopping and hitting up gentlemen's clubs? Or a relaxing day of golf a few beers? Are your bachelorette party plans to go drinking and dancing or to hit up the spa and take a pole dancing class? Or will you have a combined party and go out for dinner, drinks, and play party games? Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong with renting a limousine or limo bus from Chicago's Limousines so you can relax and enjoy the luxury and comfort of our vehicles while you celebrate. Our vehicles are great for drinking and dancing but they're also comfortable so you can relax and have a chill night out.

Payment is something people often avoid talking about but it's a very important factor. When you rent a vehicle for the party, you definitely need to know how many guests to expect. Our vehicle capacity is set by the state and we cannot fill a vehicle over capacity. And since larger vehicles are obviously more expensive, you will want to be sure that guests RSVP and if you're splitting payment you may want to collect payment from the guests ASAP so you aren't left footing their bill if they back out last minute.